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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 8, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PST

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get ready to crank up the heat the northeast bracing for allop. we'll tell you where it will hie billionaires a new hint that former new york city mayor michael bloomberg will jump into the democratic primary to take on president trump. >> a close call for a california family how they escaped after a plane crashed into their living room and burst into flames. >> lacing up for a fight once the fastest growing america cain speaking out about a nike training program that she said nearly ruined her career >> playing for keeps the classic toys just inducted into the hall of fame. "early today" starts right now
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>> good morning. i'm cory coffin. >> and i'm phillip mena. millions of americans are waking up to the freezing cold this morning. it may bcross the midwest and northeast dropping to the teens and below. possibly as much as 30 degrees below normal for this time of year parts of northern michigan were covered in about a foot of snow and many of the schools there were forced to close early drivers need to be extremely cautious and only go out if it is absolutely necessary. officials worked overnight to clear the roads in marquette county, michigan police have reported multiple crashes due to dangerous conditions there right now that system is moving east we are looking at cleveland, ohio, where they recorded their first measurable snow of the season creating some slick roads there as well. and more sleet and more snow could be on the way. here to tell us more, nbc meteorologist michele grossman good morning >> good morning, guys. we're still a month away from winter it's certainly going to feel like winteis, wee going to b sps
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so half of the country below average for this time of year. you see the purples and the pink telling us where the cold air is excuse me. 31 degrees in chicago today. that's one degree below freezing for this time of year. i have of a tickle in my throat. 44 in nashville. 35 in cleveland. philadelphia 44. as we go throughout saturday we're looking at ten degrees in the 30s as well. 70 degrees below typical in green bay, 39. i'm going to get a drink of water. >> i think you're physically rejecting -- >> my body is rejecting 33 degrees. >> we'll see you in a bit. thank you, michele >> the race to 2020 could get a little more crowded. former new york city mayorionaet is planning to file paperwork in the alabama presidential primary
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asper alexander takes a >> reporter: former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is preparing to enter the 2020 democratic presidential race the advisor tells nbc news bloomberg expected to file paperwork this week as a candidate in alabama where there is a friday deadline to qualify for the race but bloomberg has not made a final decision on whether to run. the democrat turned republican turned independent turned democrat billionaire has been a fierce critic of president trump, even before he took office >> i am a new yorker and i know a con when i see one. >> reporter: if bloomberg enters, it would be a seismic shake up for the 2020 race with the democrats now divided between progressive candidates like elizabeth warren and bernie sanders and centrist candidatesi in a statement a bloomberg advisor says bloomberg is increasingly concerned the current field of candidates is not well positioned to defeat
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president trump. but saying if he enters, bloomberg would be able to take the fight to trump and win a bloomberg candidacy could pose the biggest challenge to joe biden. but our latest poll shows 85% of democrats were satisfied with the current field. >> peter alexander for us in washington, d.c. thank you, peter of course, we'll be watching to see what kind of impact bloomberg has if he does choose to join the race we'll keep you updated >> one of the president's top cabinet officials is facing a subpoena in the impeachment inquiry. acting chief of staff mick mulvaney was already scheduled for a depp significant today last night the house intelligence committee issued a subpoena to try to compel him to testify about the ukraine controversy. but despite the additional pressure, mulvaney is unlikely to show up other top officials have defied subpoenas under the cloak of executive privilege. >> meanwhile, house investigators continue to build their case against the president, releasing new damaging testimony from the state department official in
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charge of ukraine policy nbc's kristen welker has nor more. >> reporter: just revealed state department official george kent's testimony to congress, calling the white house's actions with ukraine injurious to the rule of law and saying he was told by another diplomat what president trump wanted from ukraine. quote, nothing less than ukraine's president to go to the microphone and say investigations, biden, and clinton. kent also noting that in 2015 he had raised concerns hunter biden's position on the board of a ukrainian company while his father was vice-president could create the perception of a conflict of interest all of it coming after "the washington post" reported president trump asked attorney general bill barr to publicly declare he broke no laws during his july phone call with the president of ukraine when mr. trump pressed for an investigation into the bidens. the post saying barr refused nbc news has not confirmed the report president trump tweeting, bill barr did not decline my request
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to talk about ukraine. did the president want a public news conference from the attorney general >> the president said he did not make that request. >> reporter: it comes after a fiery rally in louisiana >> it's all a hoax it's a scam. >> reporter: but democrats pouncing on this comment by senator john kennedy >> speaker nancy pelosi is trying to impeach him. i don't mean any disrespect, but it must suck to be that dumb >> reporter: after a fierce backlash -- >> childish and nasty smear, far out of bounds. >> reporter: kennedy defending the comments >> i didn't mean to be disrespectful. this is a partisan impeachment she is going to elevate partisan impeachment to the new norm. >> reporter: also this morning a new york judge ordered president trump to pay $2 million to nonprofit groups as a part of the settlement alleging president trump's charity used funds for personal and political reasons during the 2016
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campaign in a statement, the trump foundation said it is pleased to donate that money to worthy organizations. cory >> kristen, thank you. in new york a judge has ordered president trump to pay $2 million to federal lawsuit claiming he misused funds from his foundation the suit was filed by the new york attorney general last year. it claims that mr. trump used the foundation to payoff debts for his for-profit businesses and funneled money to his 2016 campaign goes back to a fund-raiser the trump foundation held for military veterans during his 2016 campaign. in that fund-raiser raised nearly $3 million. then trump allegedly allowed his campaign to direct his distribution of the funds. the foundation has shut down mr. trump has been order today pay that money back to other nonprofits >> new heart break in new mexico as a mother and her two songs are laid to rest the first funeral services for the nine family members killed in an horrific a.m. burke have begun. meanwhile five children are recovering in an arizona
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hospital here's nbc's miguel almaguer >> reporter: in mexico, families shattered by unimaginable blood shed gathering for the first funerals for nine americans. laid to rest dawna langford with her sons 11-year-old trevor and 2-year-old rogan rhonita miller also killed trying to protect her four children howard 12, crystal 10, and 8 month old twins titus and tiana. in a road side ambush, their bod isz left to burn inside the suv. a drug cartel spraying with so many rounds of ammunition, the gas tank exploding with christina langford johnson set to be buried saturday, her baby faith was miraculously found alive in her bullet-riddled suv the funerals held under a military presence. >> i feel angry. i'm pretty sure most of the community feels angry. >> reporter: with no suspects and no arrests, three children still remain hospitalized,
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including brixton langford, who was shot in the chest. this video sent to his father. >> say hi to daddy >> reporter: the youngest of the injured has lost his mother and two brothers, as they bury the dead miguel almaguer, nbc news, tucson >> a chemical accident at a buffalo wild wings in massachusetts has left a person dead and ten others sickened the restaurant employee was rushed to the hospital after being exposed to a strong cleaning agent causing him to feel nauseated he was later pronounced dead at the hospital eight other employees and two customers were also treated at local hospitals, but are believed to have not been seriously affected the building was evacuated for a tier 1 hazmat incident it is currently unknown when the restaurant will reopen >> all right, michele grossman is back with us. throat cleared and ready to tell us about the freeze watch. >> it's cleared. i'm feeling pretty good. let's talk about the freeze watch. we're looking at the south in the north the freezing
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temperatures, but the south is into it, too, as well. we have a freeze watch 18 million impacted. this means you want to bring in those plants because we could have a killing freeze as we had throughout the night cover them with plastic bags if you can. right now we're looking at 7 degrees in terms of wind chill temperatures right around freezing in so many spots. this is the first of the season. another blast next week as well. all right. we're going to talk more about cold weather next week it's cold this week, even colder next week. >> a dry run, i guess. >> a cold slushy measurable run. >> muc put ank u, michele quick hits, salvation army will make it easier to donate they announced red kettles will
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accept donations from apple pay and go it will kickoff today in chicago. >> the rockefeller center tree, the 77-foot tall norwood spruce was cut down in orange county, new york, and will arrive on saturday >> the national toy hall of fame announced the newest inductees match box cards and magic. won't. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair's derm-proven retinol works so fast, it takes only one week to reveal younger looking skin. making wrinkles look so last week. rapid wrinkle repair® pair with retinol oil for 2x the wrinkle fighting power. neutrogena® you don't let a cold ruin your day. you take dayquil severe liquicaps and crush it. dayquil severe.
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>> a striking new report about school shootings from the secret service. they say most are preventable. it also says teachers and parents must know the warning signs and how to react to them here's nbc's pete williams >> reporter: by far the majority of school shootings, like last year's deadly attack in parkland, florida, are preventable, the secret service says after analyzing 41 school attacks over the past decade, they found no single profile of the attackers or the kind of schools targeted, but they did find common warning signs. >> every single attacker in this report exhibited concerning behavior for many of them, that behavior actually elicited safety concerns in those around them. >> reporter: half the attackers had an interest in violentt hom. most had a history of school discipline problems. among other red flags parents and classmates might notice, children losing interest in their appearance and school activities the report said schools must have people who are trained to recognize these patterns and just as important, who know how
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to approach problem children before it's too late the father whose son was killed at parkland said the only way to stop school shootings is to keep them from happening in the first place. >> it's extremely important that all school officials take threat assessments seriously and they train all of their staff >> reporter: the report says don't count on first responders to stop school shootings, since nearly all of them are over in less than two minutes. >> our thanks to pete williams for that report. >> just ahead, a west coast rivalry kicking off wreak 10 of the week 10 of the nfl >> she was called the fastest girl in network until nikeame c into her cain speaks about the into her cain speaks about the ordeal thaneugmesses like bathtub soap scum... and caked-on grease from oven doors. now mr. clean magic eraser comes in disposable sheets. they're perfect for icky messes on stovetops... in microwaves...
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welcome to week 10 of the nfl and welcome to oakland coliseum the last primetime game ever to be played there. the raiders would make it count, though picking off philip rivers on the very first drive of the game for the chargers they would turn that into a field goal and take the lead rivers gave it up again, this time to erik harris, and this time he took it all the way back to the house the chargers would fight back. they would even take the lead in the fourth quarter but then with just over a minute left, rookie josh jacobs storming up the middle for the game winning touchdown the final from oakland, 26-24. >> she wasnce deemed the fastest girl in america, now she's speaking out about the brutal training she says nearly broke her. former track star mary cain is blasting nike, claiming she was
4:19 am
emotionally and physically abused while on nike's elite team nbc's rehema ellis has the details. >> reporter: at 17, mary cain was the youngest track athlete to ever make a world championship team. >> she is the michael jordan of women's track. >> i wanted to be the fastest in the world. >> reporter: she signed with nike's project, an elite program run by famed coach alberto salazar. she said the training was abusive and focused on her weight >> they told me i had to lose weight or i wasn't going to be able to perform well >> reporter: whose stands ards were you trying to meet? >> standards of an all male staff. >> reporter: she dropped to 114 pounds her body started breaking down she had no period three years, suffered five broken bones and had thoughts of suicide. >> i told them that i was cutting myself she says her concerns were dismissed. >> and i think that was the moment i realized i had to get out. >> reporter: salazar has disputed her claims. nike did not respond to nbc
4:20 am
news's request for comment it ended its training program last month >> that's why i'm doing this it's because it's scary and hard to go through it and i know i'm not the only one and i want the culture that allowed this to happen to change >> reporter: you're not stopping you're still running >> eye trainii'm training to ge olympic trials to see if i can get a spot in tokyo. >> reporter: speaking out to get women's sport on the right track. rehema ellis, nbc news >> and a luxury ho cldmeou be coming to national park. not everyone is happy about it details ahead on "early today. oops, sorry. she's an expert in one thing. buttered noodles. because it's the only thing she'll actuallt. cammie's mom decided to try new country crock plant butter. now cammie likes two things... buttered noodles
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could you just tell me? i want this to be over. time now to check in with willie geist to see what's coming up on "sunday today." good morning, willie >> good morning, guys. good to see you. this week on "sunday today," my guest is actress keri washington kerry and i got together to talk about her latest project, "american sun. it's a netflix adaptation of the broadway play kerry also starred in it takes a hard look at race and policing in america. we also talk about kerry's run on scandal, the groundbreaking show that made kerry washington a household name our sunday sit down with kerry washington plus the latest news and politics this weekend on "sunday today. you can catch us in the morning 0 or set that dvr and catch us any time you like. for now i'll send it back to you, philip and corey and we'll yo we'll see you then, willie.
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>> let's get in the show to find out about our weekend forecast and see if it's going to be any good >> i'd like a fire going, willie geist. >> food. >> boeing of them, four of them, whatever a cold weekend lots of cold weather especially in the northeast flurries in the upper midwest. and then by sunday we're looking at lake effect snow. so we're going to see that over the next several days really until the lakes freeze over. so a couple months the arctic blast comes in once again. next week looking very, very cold so we're looking at snowfall forecast in terms of lake effect snow we could see over 8 inches of snow in some spots the most could be 4 to 8 inches there. >> lake effect snow. >> here we are thank you, michele when we come back, conservation efforts on the chopping block as the trump administration moves to modernize our parks actually was. dust mite droppings! eeeeeww! dead skin cells! gross! so now, i grab my swiffer sweeper and heavy-duty dusters.
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some controversial proposals could forever change america's national parks most people visit them to get away from it all >> but the federal government is apparently considering some new recommendations. they would give campers access to things like wi-fi, food trucks, and even amazon deliveries yeah nbc's sam brock has the story. >> reporter: for those seeing yosemite national park for the very first time, first impressions can be breath taking when you were driving in, what were you experiencing >> this. nothing short of spectacular every place as i picture it. >> reporter: now something of a shadow cast over that beauty >> we want future generations to see what we're seeing. >> reporter: after a recreation advisory board made up of business leaders recently recommended updating historic national parks with better wi-fi, food trucks, maybe even
4:27 am
amazon deliveries at camp sites. >> not sure why you would need amazon packages to get delivered. >> exactly >> reporter: it comes two years after yosemite added a starbucks to this idealic setting. karl-anthoniery, fully caffeinated and visiting it with four children admits it's nice >> i don't like the idea of a starbucks, i guess, in nature. bu delicate balance between climbing into nature, then keeping up with the times is something yosemite tour guide scott fuhrman knows well >> we don't want too much commercialization, but the idea of looking at local businesses to come in and support the large demand within yosemite, i think that's a creative solution >> reporter: the national park service says it is keeping its option open. in a statement the agency said it is reviewing the recommendations and will only take action if they improve the visitor experience, protect national park resources, and are prudent investments. many long-time visitors telling nbc news they're satisfied with
4:28 am
water falls, trails and, of course, iconic views of yosemite valley that will take you to another universe now imagine if people stop to admire this are filled with food trucks >> we don't need food trucks we don't need wi-fi, more garbage and people dropping hot dog wrappers >> reporter: in addition to clutter they worry privatization could lead to exclusion with peak season going away >> concessions are very important. we worry they are going to price families and individuals out of our parks. >> reporter: and those families now coming in droves, making it harder to maintain the parks as the government plans to slash nearly a half billion dollars from next year's budget. >> our thanks to sam brock for that report. all the time it seems like we're cutting -- making compromises. in the name of profit and convenience. >> in order to find a better way for people to go to the parks. i highly disagree. i hope it doesn't happen >> on the other hand, it will be
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♪ ♪ welcome to friday morning, november 8th. guess what we have again today. seems a little thicker out there. taking look at a foggy view of the bay this morning. be careful as you're heading out the door. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. let's get right to that weather this morning. kari, just thick out there. >> all right. so we have some dense fog. so you may want to make sure you're allowing extra time to get to work this morning. as we see the low visibility right now in the south county, down to zero in san martin at the airport there. and we're at about a quarter of a mile in napa. it's been kind of drifting around. so you may drive through some fog and it clears up and you're back in it once again. just expect that as we go throughohe


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